Our Story

Hello, and welcome to Covered Bridge Maple Sugaring.

    The Fortin family has been involved in Maple sugaring for four generations, starting with Grandpa Louis in the 1940s. The family’s dairy farm had a nice 1,000 tap sugar bush located in Derby line, VT. The syrup provided the family with much needed income to assist in managing the farm and 9 kids!

  Grandpa Louis did not enjoy boiling the sap, he much preferred to be working with his team of horses. He loved gathering the sap and left the boiling to the oldest boys. Our father Lucien Fortin was one of those boys. He was responsible for most of the boiling and he really enjoyed it. Eventually, my uncle Robert bought the family farm and continued sugaring for many years. As youngsters, my brother Marcel and myself (Gerald) would often help him gather the sap, as we learned about the whole process.

   Later on, after starting our careers and families, my brother and I decided that we wanted to produce our own syrup. Between Dad, myself and my brother we had about 150 taps and after a few years reached about 600 producing 100-150 gal a year.  It was a lot of work, but we found it a great activity to involve the whole family. We eventually reached 1,500 taps and decided that we really wanted to expand and make it a bigger part of our lives. So, in 2010 we started to look for a larger sugar bush, we finally settled on a 100-acre farm and took the plunge.

   Our farm is located in the rolling hills of Barton VT. It features an old sugar house and covered bridge making it a picturesque scene, especially in the fall. At just 100 acres is not a big farm, but one that is well managed and cared for. We consider ourselves very fortunate and try to be good stewards of the land. We manage our property not only for syrup production, but for wildlife as well. Keeping a balanced ecosystem is always on our minds and it reflects in our logging and management practices.  Our sugaring operation looks a lot different now than it did only a few years ago. We now tap about 8,000 trees and expand every year, hopefully reaching 10,000 when complete.  The syrup we produce is certified “organic” and we abide by all their guidelines for forest management and syrup production. This ensures that our syrup is 100% pure and we think it is the finest we’ve ever produced. Our goal is to offer 100% pure maple products at an affordable price.  Why pay more, when you can get great maple products for less. We hope you will consider us for all your maple needs.

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